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About Counterweight

People are receptive and willing so why does obesity remain a widespread problem?

While certain approaches work for some of the people some of the time, many will be frustrated by what seems like an infinite process. In many cases weight loss is soon followed by weight gain.

Counterweight Rx is an approach that does not depend on individual effort, motivation, or lifestyle. It works on the basis of involuntary, continuous appetite suppression. Your determination is an added plus, but on those days when it falters, Counterweight Rx does not- your craving for food is being suppressed.

The hypothalamus is an area in the brain that integrates signals coming from our gut and fat cells, telling us that we are hungry and should eat. In the past, the beta blockers used were potent drugs that blocked the receptor sites that stimulate the craving for food. The most potent of these were amphetamines and amphetamine related derivatives. These powerful central nervous system stimulant drugs are addictive and have side effects which include hypertension and insomnia so doctors are reluctant to prescribe them because of addictive problems, and a range of serious side effects.

Counterweight Rx uses a synergistic combination of natural, safe and effective beta blockers, that are effective transdermally. They diffuse into the blood stream. Oral ingestion runs the risk of even natural beta blockers breaking down by digestive enzymes.

The beta blockers in Counterweight Rx are released in a sustained manner from our clinically formulated transdermal patches; they effectively reduce appetite by blocking receptor sites. Used alone, or in conjunction with any plan, diet or lifestyle, they enhance the ability to eat less, and feel satisfied as the receptor sites in your brain are programmed to reduce the craving for excessive food. You will achieve and maintain your optimal weight by almost unconsciously eating less.