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Directions of Use

The Counterweight Rx transdermal patch is applied anywhere on the body above the waist, usually on the upper forearm, in an area with no hair. The patch should be worn at least 12 hours a day and should be replaced every 24 hours or when removed for any purpose. The location of the patch can be moved if needed to avoid any local irritation, but this is unlikely. Once removed do not re-use the patch.

A new patch should be worn daily for 60-90 days, then every 2nd day for 30 days, and then twice a week to ensure appetite control.

When the beta blockers start to work in several weeks, appetite suppression will become evident and fully effective after 40-60 days. After 3-6 months of use when you feel in control, use the patches only twice a week for maintenance, later use patches as required.

The patch should not be used by children under 16, pregnant women or nursing mothers.